Episode 26 - Jordan Posner (Terror and No Warning)

May 06, 2015, 12:54 PM

Do you like exhaustive looks at 90’s pop-punk? Well you’re in luck! This week on the show Damian is joined by his friend and sometime bandmate Jordan from Terror and No Warning. Get comfortable because the two go deep on Jordon’s (and Damian’s) journey into punk in the 90’s.

Also covered : -A computer crash costing the world the world least informed At The Drive-In conversation -Bryan Adams and “Everything I Do” -Going to see Metallica/ Danzig/ Suicidal Tendencies show at 12 -Hunger Strike being awesome -The post Nirvana floodgate being open -“Back then a year felt like a life time” -The role and importance of Green Day -Screeching Weasel -The Summer Of 1995: The Summer Of Epi-Fat -Pennywise, The Joykiller Five Knuckle Chuckle and Jordon’s first punk show pit-beef -The Greatness of the pop-punk era? -“Epitaph is the REAL punk!” - Rancid/ AFI/ Sick Boys -SnoJam - The AFI Riot! -Lifetime and Weston super underrated by the ’96 Toronto -Good Riddance repping hardcore -Trigger Happy: Toronto Heroes -Adam Gill: No Warning (As We Once Were)’s first manager. PR guy and Svengali and maybe a riot starter?. -Time Flies’ “Invasion” 7”: Hardcore Currency - Spitting gum Rick Rodney while singing along to Strife - Joining As We Once Were and forcing them to not a Straight Edge - Hardcore kids becoming rave DJs - Getting into Stigmata and making it change your email address - The Influence of Right Brigade - What a difference a year makes in taste in Good Clean Fun - The No Warning Ska intro - Overtime: the pre-No Warning and Fucked Up goofy Youth Crew - Missing Who’s Emma - Millennial Reign lp plans - Pizza Pizza and being from Toronto -Korean BBQ