Spiritual Crisis Network

May 11, 2015, 07:44 PM

UK Spiritual Crisis Network, with directors Katie Mottram and Maria Ravisankar. Katie is part of the development team and author of the book: ‘Mend the Gap’, a book about her transformative journey from suicidal despair to spiritual awakening. Her mission is to normalize the spiritual experience within mainstream society so that it can be more widely acknowledged and supported within the psychiatric system.Katie is involved with an innovative national mental health service pilot project (POD), and helping to found an International Spiritual Emergence Network (ISEN). And Maria is a Registered General Nurse in the National Health Service and experienced her own Spiritual Crisis several years ago this fuelled her interests in Spirituality and mental health, holistic and integrated care, she believes that despite traumatic life events, a breakdown can be turned into a breakthrough. #www.spiritualcrisisnetwork.com #www.UntangledFM.com #mental health #spirituality # meditation # spiritual awakening # crisis #trauma #transpersonal psychology #mind #spirit