Naadi Palm-Leaf Readers Angela Donovan

May 12, 2015, 11:22 PM

Is it possible to find out our whole lives journey in advance? Can you really plan ahead or has fate and destiny got something quite different for you? Is your future already written. Can it be that the struggles we face are a direct result of our actions in a past life. According to the Naadi Palm Readers of India your life is all there, written 3,000 years before you were born! Naadi means “in pursuit of” or” in search of”. Are you destined to be in listening to more amazing spiritual knowledge, tune in! Angela Donovan is a Medium and has been a Spiritual Mentor for over 20 years, Angela has benefited clients and animals from all over the world. For the past 10 years she and her husband Andrew have been escorting spiritual ‘seekers’ to India to find and receive palm-leaf readings covering their lifetimes, and has written the books “The Hidden Oracle of India” – The Mystery of India’s Naadi Palm-Leaf Readers’. ‘The Wish’ - How to ignite the source of your power, energising and transforming your life and boosting its potency to make your dreams a reality. Angela is currently writing her next book ‘The Power of Me’, taking ‘The Wish’ to the next level. #India #psychic readings #astrology #past life #spirituality