Episode 27 - Chris Slorach (Metz)

May 13, 2015, 04:54 AM

This week Damian is joined by his practice space roomie, Chris Slorach of Metz. Grab a seat on a combo amp and listen in as the two talk about Chris’ journey from reluctant zinester to being in one of Canada’s greatest power trios.

Also covered:

  • Punk and dentists
  • Being neighbors with Toronto punk/ hardcore/ metal legend Al Biddle
  • Eric’s Trip and The Doughboys at the Palladium
  • Project 9 and Grasshopper
  • Meeting Headcleaner: the pre-Deadly Snakes and Teen Crud Combo band -Doing the zine Justy
  • “Winning” two years of a classified ads in Chart Magazine and having to keep doing zines because of it. -The importance of the Toronto zine community -Hockey Teeth and Politikill Incorrect
  • Los Crudos -The brilliance of Ink and Dagger -The awesomeness of Sam from the Obliterations -The upside of SXSW -Getting into Sebadoh and home recording -Walking down the street and finding a teenage Mike Duffield to be your band’s drummer -The amazingness of promoter Dan Burke…. and explaining the 4am phone calls to your parents -Having to fill in on a bill for Strife with your high school “wimpy music” band -Scaring off Teenage USA with a 30 song demo -Doing Acid at 17 a seeing Peeches perform at a Booze-Can -Adam Gill and Jordon from No Warning: inseparable -The new Career Suicide line-up -The Sadies: the band that could take any band’s slot on a bill -Working at a used cd store -Getting recruited into Moneen through a friend -Abandoned Hearts Club -Spread The Disease: the go Hardcore Black Metal appropriators
    -Mare -“Retiring” from music at 24 -The Toronto HMV Yonge Street staff: Canadian music’s future who’s who -A Barbecue for one and an invite to join Metz -Quest For Fire -Touring with Coliseum -Hayden and Three Penny Opera -And more!!!!!