E23 : The Inaccessible Garden

May 13, 2015, 10:44 AM

Join Russell, Matt and Mr Gee for the latest podcast.


Contains Explicit Content

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Josefatoner - 11 months ago



Molesticles - over 2 years ago

Russell should play the Riddler in a Batman movie..... I heard him say "Riddle me this." and I believe that Zack Snyder's world could do with a bit of ridiculousness.


__futwr - over 2 years ago

My question is nothing to do with podcast how would you view a person that throws shit in your face when they make millions and you dont guess mutha fucker thought better no dumbass bought your shit


emmayoungman - over 2 years ago

matt have you read optimum nutrition for the mind? tther is a map of the brain n everything, it says you got more nuro transmitters in yer gut than in yer brain. mmmm god im boringg myself now. Russell we used to go wandering about crrying large objects, taking them on buses n in cafes etc.. things like 8 ft long pampass grass, torso of a manequin, cage with fake parrot in, new diection for your place hacking? listened to all yer casts in two nights n brain wobbly you silly silly clever boys


truthspoon - over 2 years ago

Damn... I so want more of this....Have got used to hearing Ol' Russ' hijinks. Epic mini-peeps behind the curtain.


TineF - over 2 years ago

Love the show, but ignoring the perfectly kind gut doctor like that was bloody rude.