Episode 28 - Chris Hannah (Propagandhi)

May 20, 2015, 05:14 AM

Some interviews come and go, while others are 20 some odd years in the making. This, dear listener, is the latter. Chris Hannah of Propagandhi is someone Damian first hoped to interview for his (never released) zine in 1996, but alas he was too chicken shit and thus waited until now to do so. Sit back and enjoy one of the few things in life that was worth the wait (to Damian at least) and have your faith in Punk rejuvenated.

Also touched on: -“I had heard punk bands, but I hadn’t heard Million Of Dead Cops” -Turning from a potential military weirdo into a different sort of weirdo -Busy Fingers: Portage Le Praires’ one stop Sewing and Speed Metal Records shop -Cops liking MDC -Ramones not having enough rage. -Cross-Over: Crumbsuckers, DRI, COC -Punk just feeling different -Missing the Cro Mags Bootleg at Wellingtons recording show by one day -Corpus Vile test press buddies!!!!!!! -Your mom refusing to drive you to see Venom and Slayer -Stretch Marks -Canadian Punk ROCK -Crown Of Thorns: The Ex-LOWLIFE band that could have been Winnipeg's Metallica -Dangerously Americanized Canadians -Article Life -Global Genocide “Facts Of War” tape is amazing! -Beach Mutants rule!!! -Damian putting Chris in his place about the release date of their first demo -Ten Tepes O’Conner Records -Punk nicknames -Crawl and Ditch Pigs: Pre Propagandhi -Apologies for the double 7” -The influence of Bad Religion -Looking to Guilt Parade, “Canada’s Dead Kennedys" as inspiration -Still being a work in progress ideologically -Staying at the Royal Albert -First Propagandhi show with Immortal Possession
-Ground/Top Floor Fugazi fandom -Propagandhi/Sockeye connection -The BFGs and the origins of Ska Sucks -Feeling horribly let down by Bad Brains and Don’t Blow No Bubbles -Playing with NoFX -TONY’ ERBA!!!!!!! -Playing with Jawbreaker -Not getting Fat Mike’s role as producer: “what the fuck are you doing in here -The greatness of Crate Amps -Bad Religion: Ramones meets Motorhead -NoFX: same formula as Bad Religion but with a little RKL -Being far more excited by basement hardcore scene then the Skate/ Snowboarder video scene -Going to see Fail-safe in Toronto in 1986 -“More Rock, Less Talk” still being a statement of intent -Hating the vocals on How To Clean A Everything -The Left For Dead beef -So Much More!