Meet George Hollings from #Moortown in #Leeds - 70 yrs ago today, he helped capture Nazi supremo Heinrich Himmler.

May 20, 2015, 03:53 PM

Meet George Hollings - he has just turned ninety and he lives in Moortown in Leeds - and 70 years ago today - he helped capture the Nazi supremo, Henrich Himmler.

Himmler was the architect of the SS and the "Final Solution" - in which the Nazis would attempt to exterminate the 11 million Jews of Europe and the Soviet Union. He initially escaped captivity when Germany were defeated in the war by dressing as a private and going on the run.

British soldiers picked him up not knowing his real identity and George Hollingsā€¦from Moortown was the soldier who held a gun to Himmler's head when he was interrogated by British Intelligence.

Two days later - when Himmler's real identity was revealed - he committed suicide on May 23rd 1945.

I went to meet George Hollings at his home in Leeds - to hear his astounding story - the man who helped capture Henrich Himmler...

I need to warn you that George uses strong language to describe Himmler which you may find offensive.