Premier Skills English podcast - Welcome to the podcast!

May 26, 2015, 01:36 PM

Welcome to the Premier Skills English podcast. This podcast is part of the Premier skills programme which is a collaboration between the British Council and the Premier League. Premier Skills English is a website, full of football English language resources. There are club profiles, videos, a football vocabulary section, stories, comics, games, discussions and of course, this podcast.

We’re here twice a week to talk about football and English. On Mondays, we publish this week, which is our roundup of all the action from the Premier League. We teach some important words and phrases connected to football and the stories from the Premier League.

On Friday's we publish the Premier skills English podcast which looks at vocabulary, grammar, speaking skills, exam skills or pronunciation. We talk about football too but we use it as a topic and a way to look at the sorts of things you learn in an English classroom.

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