Episode 29 - Nick Flanagan (Teen Crud Combo & Brutal Knights)

May 27, 2015, 03:43 AM

Come and sit in as your host Damian invites in his friend and lead singer hero Nick Flanagan. Sit back and learn about how Nick went form being a zine writing indie kid to fronting Teen Crud Combo and Brutal Knights.

Also covered: -Writing for kid shows -Finding punk through SCTV and The Queen Haters -The Young Lions -Hilarious House Of Frightenstien: Like a Psychedelic Punk Dream -You Can’t Do That On Television -Meeting Andrew from the Deadly Snakes (and a Starkweather cover band) -The Grunge Stole Christmas and a list of bands that sounds like a Best Show call -Borrowing a record from your neighbor -Writing to Nardwuar -Damian’s Punk origin story -DnD Raves -Having to ditch your friends -CFNY on Bloor Street: so sick -Submachine -Will the geographical layout of record stores in Toronto ever be relevant to anyone? -How the band NC-17 shaped the face of modern music. -Armed And Hammer, Repeat Offender, Hockey Teeth, Random Killing and the lost Toronto punk scene -Suckerpunch -Leather Uppers -Walking around Toronto -Nick the 9th Grade Goth -The 90’s: When everyone was a dick -Dave from Rammer: Headcleaners's Hypeman -Doing the first ever Toronto Nardwuar and the Evaporators show at 14 -Being threatened by the Market Punks -Nick form the Deadly Snakes: the indie kid -Making friends with the Shuttlecocks -Jamie Towns: ONE OF THE BEST PEOPLE EVER!!!! -Allison Baker: The coolest -Befriending Spaceshits (pre King Kahn and BBQ and Red Mass) -The Anti-Flag, Spaceshits, Deadly Snakes and (maybe) Planet Smashers slumber party in Drake’s old Neighborhood -Golden showers from King Kahn -The weird disparate Montreal 90’s scene -Getting groomed by Allison to be the singer of Teen Crud Combo -Staining the soul as a teenager -The Deadly Snakes, Toxic Holocaust, Rammer, Teen Crud Combo connections -The Killer Elite -MONDO-GRUNGE -Full Blast Rock -Shows at the back of Rotate This -Damian and Nick debate strain differentials in cannabis -Not being able to deal with pop-punk vocals for a while -Nick Resets The Rap -The hoser-pseudo-hip-hop way of downtown Toronto speaking -The Dwarves influence -Greg Dick and the Dreamdates -The origins of the Teen Crud Combo vs. Deadly Snakes beef -The continual rediscovery of the Stooges -The Robin Black beef -Fifth Column are amazing!!!!