The science of behaviour change with Anti Diet founder Siri Steinmo #12

May 27, 2015, 10:14 PM

How can you change your behaviour to ensure the changes you make last forever? What are the scientifically proven methods to ensure your actions match your intentions? Today's episode is for anyone who's ever made a goal, resolution or plan, and not stuck to it.

My guest is Siri Steinmo. Siri is a health psychologist trained in the science of behaviour change, and the founder of The Anti Diet programme. Her thing is that it's not about what diet you're on, but how you change your behaviour to ensure the health changes you make last forever. In fact she goes further - and says diets make you fat and miserable.

Every week this podcast is all about living with more energy, vitality, and motivation, and this week is no exception. It's the theme that goes through every show. So listen on, and enjoy.

When you listen you'll hear:

Living with more energy

The system of monitoring. [11:50] Starting a behavioral contract with yourself. [13:40] How the Capability, Opportunity, Motivation Behavior Model can help you. [16:40] Small changes that make a difference long term. [26:26] Realistic achievements when facing barriers. [27:25] Easy, every-day tips for vitality

Clearly define the behavior in question and not just the desired outcome [7:00] The Goal Pyramid: the “be’s”, your “have’s,” and the “do’s” that you need to define for long-term success. [9:25] Life and nutrition balance: important small tweaks. [19:40] Positive habits for crazy work schedules. [21:41] Finding purpose

The importance of seeking social support [15:30] Big behavior changes are a result of a few small changes that make a difference [23:15] Who wants to be 10 pounds heavier this time next year? And other issues with “dieting.” [25:30] And loads more...