The Grill Team - Marto, Michelle & Ed - 28/05/2015

May 28, 2015, 02:10 AM
  1. The morning after Origin Game 1 QUEENLANDER!!
  2. Origin Pre-Match Entertainment with Shannon Noll
  3. Atmosphere at the One Eyed Origin party
  4. Top 3 Things: Broadbeach Bikie Brawl case; iPhone text message hack; Legacy Tunnel entry cost to be revealed soon
  5. Truckies – what have you seen?
  6. Sports All In: Marto -Gus Gould shut up; FIFA corruption scandal
  7. Why was The Rock telling us what it means to play Origin?
  8. Shane Webcke sums up Origin Game 1
  9. Cooper Cronk, field goal Jeep ad
  10. Marto’s irregular breakfast meals
  11. Kevy Walters is excited about Game 1 win!!
  12. Jimmy Barnes talks about the upcoming Cold Chisel tour
  13. Ed asks “Tech-savvy” Mick Molloy what apps he’s addicted to
  14. What’s your game app addiction?
  15. Lawrence Mooney's TV show “Dirty Laundry” back on ABC TV.
  16. The Powerball syndicate fiasco continues
  17. Josh McGuire describes his experience playing Origin Game 1 #Origin #SOO #Maroons #QLDER #NRL #Blues #NSW #FIFA #ShaneWebcke #CooperCronk #KevyWalters #JoshMcGuire #JimmyBarnes #ColdChisel #MickMolloy #Tattslotto #Powerball