Grill Team Podcast #1206

May 31, 2015, 11:12 PM

6:05am – Show Intro (Tania Zaetta and Mike Whitney back together!) 6:12am – Chinese Islands, should we be worried? 6:24am – 35 Years of Origin (moment #22 and #21) 6:40am – Travel complaints 6:52am – CHECK THE TWEETS (92 million hours a month being hung over; Day/Night test match; 82 year old slashes bingo winners tyres) 7:03am – NRL Recovery Session, part one 7:12am – NRL Recovery Session, part two 7:25am – 76 year old woman breastfeeds her 42 year old son!!! 7:37am – Calls: how old 7:43am – Adam Goodes war dance 7:59am – Calls: Tell Us What You Really Think 8:18am – Peter Greste, part one 8:31am – Peter Greste, part two 8:44am – U-Bet Jet Boarding Pass / What should we call the plane? 8:49am – Names / winner / Character: Deb from Penrith 9:01am – What did we learn this morning?