Episode 120 - Crazy Chat with my Students (part 1)

Jun 01, 2015, 07:50 PM

This episode was recorded due to the success of its predecessor. It is a lose sequel to episode 89 which featured my former upper-intermediate students. This year I have taught a similar group full of charming foreign students who already have degree and intend to study PHD or master's in my country. I managed to convince them that this was a long held tradition and they were willing to help me out. We got together in a bar in my town and then I just switched the recorder on and we hammered out about 90 minutes of a truly sponaneous material. While recoding this, we got really excited as the time progressed. In this is the first part of a mini serie, I asked all the guests to introduce themselves. I had to divide the recording into 3 parts not only because it is a long episode but also because I recorded a rather lenghty introduction to it in which I tell you about my current status and also touch upon my future plans. You may be interested in hearing that I am developing a fantasy board game for instance and I am going to update you on my planned English adventure as well.