Grill Team Podcast #1207

Jun 02, 2015, 12:59 AM

6:05am – Show Intro 6:12am – Joey Johns’ F-bomb / Grill Team dumped audio 6:26am – 35 Years of Origin (moment #20 Jarryd Hayne) 6:40am – Mike Whitney 6:53am – Candy Man follow up 7:05am – CHECK THE TWEETS (MTV star urinates on Dolph Lundgren; Asylum seekers to be sent to regional Australia to work; Nude cyclists) 7:13am – Sports All In 7:28am – Mark Bouris (Sydney’s housing bubble) 7:46am – Reality TV skit (My Master Restaurant Renovation Edible Kitchen Rumble Rules) 8:09am – Supergrass (60 Minutes got George Pell statement; 60 Minutes secured Alex McKinnon interview for $100-200K; Laurie Daley didn’t want Robbie Farrah as Blues Captain; New York Giants was at State of Origin box; DCE could appear on Sterlo to make announcement) 8:16am – “Worst Blokes” launch 8:28am – Calls (what are the traits of the Worst Bloke?) 8:41am – Matt Preston, part one (Chelsea FC) 8:56am – Matt Preston, part two (Wasabi Roulette)