Episode 30 - Bryony Beynon (Good Throb)

Jun 03, 2015, 04:42 PM

This week on Turned Out A Punk, Damian is joined by a good bud and a member of one of his current favorite bands, Good Throb. Welcome on Bryony Beynon. Sit back as the two discuss BB’s journey through punk and the quest to find fellow "communist girls that listen to Madball.”

Also talked about: -Activation and creating visual maps -Take That and UK fandom -Blur vs. Oasis not being your war -Tony Hawk Pro-Boarder -Meeting Belinda: A 14 into the Fall and the Sonics -HOMEGROWN!!!! -The un-pretentiousness of Wales Scene -Damian not being able to pronounce anything -Going to Brighton -Count On Form -“I Just Want To Mosh!” -How to bring good music to good politics? -Learning collective politics at Cowley Club -Abandon Ship -Mia Victoria: A Force Of Nature -Back Stabbath -First show with 108 -Unbroken fandom -How British pop is taken up in North America -Hangin’ in pubs talkin’ records -Modern Hate Vibe the zine -The amazingness of Murder Contest zine -Forming the Sceptres -Integrity and liking band you don’t agree with -I am the third Melnick -“it’s kinda expensive and kinda of hard, so maybe do it?” -Trying to pull of and justify liking sketchy bands -Running Dire Records -Touring with the Shitty Limits -Forming Good Throb -How did Crisis become Death In June? -“I just want to find Communist girls that listen to Madball.”