Episode 31 - J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr / Deep Wound /etc.)

Jun 10, 2015, 05:21 AM

No one is more excited than J Mascis to finally get to sit down with Damian for an episode of Turned Out A Punk. Listen along as J ; gleefully, earnestly, and passionately recounts his journey from Deep Wound drummer to Guitar God.

Topics also hit on: -The similarities between doing WTF and TOAP -Being unable to make it through the Gerard Cooly’s episode because it was “too nerdy” -Finding Punk through hearing about the Ramones at record stores -Starting to take the “Joke Music” seriously -Loving Mott Hoople -Meeting the rest of Deep Wound -J had a radio show!?!?!?! -J mail-ordering the Finnish hardcore 7” cannon -Void -Being pen-pals with the Neos -Gerard thoughts on Deep Wound making J literally LOL -Being pissed off (still) about the Bands The Could Be God Comp. -Gerard Cosloy: Manager/ back-up singer -Seeing the two worst Mission To Burma shows back in the day -Lou Barlow being too scared to go to the Minor Threat show -The Boston guys being scary and “focused” -The first Deep Wound show with the FU’s -Maybe putting on the first Last Rights’ show -Killslug: Creepy dudes -Waking up one day and Hardcore has ended -The Vash D Bashers: Dread Din and J’s three drums and vocal project -Raw Power: Fun Live -Crucifix -SST -Collaborating with Paul Schaffer -Being on Beavis And Butthead: “A highpoint” -Taking Matt Dillon to CBGB’s and getting him covered in shit -Playing on Jenny Jones -Turning down playing on Conan in the beginning -Being on the Judgment Night Soundtrack -1991: The Year Of Punk Broke: the time -What Nirvana sounds like -GBV: innocence in a sea of jadedness -J’s record collection - and more