Money. Unlock Your Financial Freedom

Jun 13, 2015, 09:13 AM

If you are anything other than completely happy with your financial situation you will really want to listen to Karen’s conversation with Ann Wilson, The Wealth Chef.

Ann Wilson is a multi-millionaire with a difference

Realising early on that the traditional route of “get a good education and get a good job” were not the key to wealth Ann began her journey to money mastery, financial literacy and financial freedom. By age 38 Ann achieved her own financial freedom, meaning she could chose to stop actively working and her wealth would continue to grow and support her chosen lifestyle.

Today Ann is a woman with a mission and a big message for the World as ‘The Wealth Chef’.

Ann makes it fun, easy and accessible to learn the key recipes and ingredients to wealth. Even if you are starting from a place of debt and anxiety. Lack of financial freedom breeds fear...Ann turns that into fun, with her easy to understand and action approach.

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