The Irish Times Weekly Culture Podcast

Apr 12, 2011, 01:47 PM
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shanehegarty - over 6 years ago

Thanks. It's a topic that will go on and on, alright, although how much the Friday night idea can be sustained will be a challenge for VB.


buachaill-dana - over 6 years ago

Cracking piece this week. I think V Browne has/ is growing into a brilliant interviewer. The show is also very accessible; I watched a recent show on my iPhone this morning and was engrossed. That he's turning up on blogs, forum threads, links to clips etc by 20-30 year olds is saying something. The V B of 2 years ago is a different beast, if the Late, Late is to survive he's worth a season.


TheIrishTimes - over 6 years ago

In this podcast Shane Hegarty, Hugh Linehan, Donald Clarke and Laurence Mackin discuss the state of Irish cinema, problems with the Late Late Show and interesting ways to get bums on seats in the world of the arts...