Episode 32 - Billy Hamilton (Silverstein)

Jun 17, 2015, 05:29 AM

Are you nerdy about records? Well, if you are... We have a treat for you! Sit back and enjoy Damian and his guest, Billy from Silverstein talking about their sweet vinyl addiction. Plus, Billy’s journey through suburban hail shows to American Idol (sort of)!

Also covered: -Records as life -Getting punk as almost as a handy-me down from older siblings -Nirvana -Jerk Circus: Pre-Silverstien -Pre-Alexisonfre: Burlington’s Hoodrat -BMXing with Greg from Jersey and Grade -Bane playing Burlington BEFORE Toronto -The Harshest of Harsh: The many Message Boards on Southern Ontario -Having a personal dis launch the 905 board -Falling off the stage at your first Silverstein show -The Music Gym -Skipping school to tour the east coast of Canada -The Silverstein/ Arcade Fire/ Death From Above 1979 connection -Taking photos -The coolest job on Earth: Working at The Oakville Lick’s -The literal Fireworks of Moneen -Three Gut Records -Being an unabashed Colofan -The No Warning accent -Pre-internet hardcore rumor mill -From playing with One Line Drawing to Fife Dobson to Subb to Dillinger Escape Plan in a few weeks -Alexisonfire having to borrow a bass amp… and never living it down -Getting a call from Tony Victory -Getting to organize the No Idea Records Vault and cleaning up in the process -SOME DEEP RECORD COLLECTOR SHIT -Touring Japan opening for Avril Levine for three weeks -Beer collecting? and more record collecting shit -Having to buy your own record from Victory -Having your song used as American Idol audition song -Pre and Post Alexisonfire Canadian music -The Hambone Manor -What the Warped Tour is like now versus then. -“Scene-Building”