Roo & Ditts for Breakfast 23 June 2015

Jun 23, 2015, 01:16 AM

1) Overnight - Bryce Gibbs suspension. Marion council gay pride flag. Dogs at the beach. 2) Ditts lost his scooter and wants it back. Call out for help from the people that stole it. 3) Titus OReilly - Footy updates 4) Red Fist - Roo hates cold coffees and likes it extra hot 5) Overnight sport - Ken Hinkley commented about players can't kick or handball from left and right. Roo thinks it should be a practice. 6) James Brayshaw ahead of the event tonight for Greatest Stories Never Told 7) Peter Ford for entertainment 8) Travis Boak - heading into a bye. He and Dangerfield went to the same school but doesn't know him too well.