Grill Team Podcast #1223

Jun 25, 2015, 01:37 AM

6:03am – Show Intro – ABC on Zaky 6:09am – Drummer find for farting – what’s a fart cost you? 6:21am – Calls
6:37am – Chat about P Diddy abusing son’s coach with kettle bell 6:51am – Chat with Brad Arthur, Eels Coach about Kieran Foran 7:12am – Mick Molloy – Youngest grandfather 7:23am – Mariah Carey and James Packer – Beauty or Billions? MG – money can’t buy happiness 7:34am – Chat with Michael Cheika, Wallabies & Warratahs Coach 7:45am – Kaleed Sharouf kids want to come back – should they? 7:58am – Calls 8:16am – Check the tweets – dream jobs, innocent man served 25 years, 20 cars broken down on the M4 – Matty singing bad petrol 8:29am – Chat with Darius Boyd 8:47am - Gus’ mum Janelle calls in about the randomiser 8:54am – MG the Randomiser – Guess MG’s sound effect