Solidarity with Greece: No to Austerity! Yes to Democracy! 29 June 2015

Jul 05, 2015, 03:44 AM

The very basics of the Greek #financialcrisis and the current situation. Speeches recorded at the Solidarity with Greece-- No to Austerity, Yes to Democracy! on 29th June 2015 00:00 Introduction to the Greek financial state 04:10 Jeremy Corbyn, Labour MP and candidate for Leader of the Labour Party 7:45 Owen Jones, Journalist at The Guardian 11:50 John McDonnell, MP of Labour Party, talks about the role of Britain in the Greek crisis 13:41 John Rees, People's Assembly Against Austerity, makes three points 16:54 Caroline Lucas, Green MP, speaks about the money lent by banks to bail out banks 19:51 Speaker from Left Unity and Greece Solidarity Campaign speaks about free public transportation in Greece 20:54 Speaker from #Syriza Party in #London speaks about #achievements of the first five months of Syriza in power 24:19 Ken Loach, director and a co-founder of Left Unity, speaks about the importance of #tradeunions 25:23 Romaine Phoenix, co-chair of the People’s Assembly and Executive of the Greece Solidarity Campaign

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