Episode 35 - Dallas Green (City and Colour, Alexisonfire)

Jul 08, 2015, 05:18 AM

This week on the show Damian is joined by his long time friend; Alexisonfire member, Mister City and Colour himself, Dallas Green! Sit in as the two go through Dallas’ journey from Canadian independent music loving kid into Canadian music industry icon (no joke, he won an award saying as much the night before).

Also covered: -This being long time coming -The nature of friendship when you play in a band -First exposure coming from a cool older sister -Getting caught up in the Grunge explosion -The first Warped Tour -Seeing Quicksand’s Slip video late at night and it changing your life. -Last night a Walter Schreifels saved my life -Danko Jones working heel and turning baby face -Job hopping at the mall -Joel and Dine Alone records -“Scott Vogal mosh calling Jimmy Eat World kids” -Hardship Post’s ”Hack” ep being one of the greatest eps ever -The great post-Nirvana generation of Canada’s indie explosion -The Sick Boys: benevolent kings of the scene -Dallas’ first band: Needle Park -Mogwai (the band) -“Are you guy’s a Black Crows cover band?” -Helicon Blue: trying for Hum and Swervedriver -Seeing Moneen and being inspired -Being Much Music’s metal VJ Dan Gallagher’s cousin -Join a band and barley see the world -Elliott -The Alexisonfire formation from Dallas POV -Helping change the perception of heavy music for the Canadian Music Industry -The lack support for 90’s Canadian Punk/HC/Metal bands -Alexisonfire/ Billy Talent/ DFA 1979 -Going from Canadian to US Tours, from the highest heights to the lowest low -Dealing the Toronto Hardcore backlash -The early 2000’s Message Board Hate Culture -Hating the band not the members -Being grateful for the things that kept you humble -“They would hate me if they knew me in Canada” -Having to be pressured in to releasing a solo record -PCP with D and D -The Melvins' episode preview