Part 1- The Long lost Voice From The Dark Side Of The Moon

Jul 09, 2015, 10:09 PM

Meet Puddie Watts, the long lost voice from the Dark Side Of The Moon. In this 4 part series hear how she and Neil Ratner Rock Doc met. Follow them to the East Village of New York City in the summer of 69.

In an apartment on East 13th street in NYC The Rock Doc and Puddie start a friendship with Rick and Liz Derringer that will change both their lives. Go with them to Andy Warhol’s factory and the infamous Max’s Kansas City.

Meet the Winter Brothers Edgar and Johnny and hear how the Rock Doc started in the music business. Follow Puddie as she goes to London and marries Peter Watts, soundman and road manager for Pink Floyd.

Hear the real story of Puddie and Peters voices on the recording of the Dark Side Of The Moon. And how a friendship between the Rock Doc and Peter created a successful partnership for the dark Side Of The Moon tour. #PinkFloyd