Radio Tour

Jul 12, 2015, 03:32 PM

Kilometre 0 is the official start, after the départ fictif, for each day’s stage of the Tour de France. It is also a new show from The Cycling Podcast, taking listeners behind the scenes at the Tour and along for the ride on the world’s biggest bike race. KM0 will be released every weekday morning for the three weeks of the Tour.

During this show, the first episode of the second week, Richard Moore and Lionel Birnie meet Seb Piquet, the voice of Radio Tour.

Seb's job is to keep everyone in the race informed each day. He travels in an official car just behind the pack, together with the race director Thierry Gouvenou and the head of the UCI jury.

He tells the team cars when a rider has a puncture or a crash and needs support, and his updates on the composition of the breakaways and time gaps are relied upon by everyone in the race.

Kilometre 0 is supported by Jaguar.