Grill Team Podcast #1225

Jul 12, 2015, 11:08 PM

6:03am – Show Opener (Live from the snow, forward sell show) 6:09am – MG’s silly snow questions, Matty’s horrendous trip 6:22am – Sports All In 6:39am – 60 Minutes Alex McKinnon story 6:51am – What have we missed in the last two weeks? (MG and Gus explain) 7:06am – NRL Recovery Session 7:14am – Mark Bouris (Greek economy) 7:42am – 60 Minutes Alex McKinnon story (Liz Hayes backlash) 7:53am – Michael Clarke (Ashes) 8:11am – 60 Minutes (Matty explains) 8:24am – Calls: Tell Us What You Really Think 8:38am – Stuart Diver 8:50am – Check the Tweets (Nathan Friend’s try assist; Glenn Lazarus has lost the plot; Marvel releases list of richest characters) 8:57am – Goodbye from Thredbo