Grill Team Podcast #1226

Jul 13, 2015, 11:30 PM

6:04am – Show Opener (Snow recovery/Maccas rave) 6:11am – Calls: What’s your Maccas Life Hack? 6:23am – Grant Denyer (Family Feud, racing) 6:42am – Grill Team stuck in tents 6:52am – Sports All In 7:04am – Q&A Islamic State chat 7:12am – Bernard Tomic Hall of Shame 7:25am – Calls: nominate who you think should be in the Hall of Shame 7:42am – MG’s fasting (men’s health issue) 7:55am – Check The Tweets (Hugh Jackman; KFC pizza) 8:07am – Jarryd Hayne’s Jesus tweet (inappropriate expert) 8:13am – Gus: cousin in a ‘coconut coma’ 8:25am – Calls: when coconuts attack! 8:36am – Character: Janelle 8:42am – Private and public schools (audio) 8:55am – Nintendo death