Grill Team Podcast #1227

Jul 15, 2015, 12:17 AM

6:04am – Show Opener (cold weather; Korean poo story) 6:10am – C’Mon Man (Sam Armytage sex tape; Actors who nearly died on set) 6:23am – Are Gussy and Hugh Jackman REALLY friends? 6:38am – The Voice: Are you Team Delta or Team Jessie J? 6:45am – Andrew Leigh (gun laws; NRA vs Australia) 6:55am – Mick Molloy 7:06am – Sports All In
7:14am – Duncan McNab on “El Chapo” Guzman 7:22am – Character: Poppy Geyer 7:28am – NRL Channel 10 TV rights 7:39am – MG’s health update 7:43am – Is Sam Smith a musical cheat? (other musical acts) 7:56am – Clive Small (Belanglo State Forest tours) 8:08am – Gus Gould comments: what’s wrong with the NSW Origin side 8:16am – Calls: give us your expert opinion 8:30am – Character: Janelle (Gussy missed her birthday) 8:44am – Jodi Magi released from Abu Dhabi jail (strange foreign laws) 8:55am – U2 song dedications