Episode 36 - The Melvins (Dale, Buzz and Jeff)

Jul 15, 2015, 05:47 AM

Rules are made to be broken and thus this week on the show Damian breaks his “one-on-one” interview rule but for good reason; The Melvins! Join in on the fun as Damian sits down with all three members of the Melvins to talk about how punk saved them from a life of drudgery.

Also discussed: -Damian heaping praise on Melvins -The Garage rock sound: a speaker not working -Jeff: Running away from home at 15 -Jeff: Joining and touring for three years with the Butthole Surfers at 17 -Jeff: Playing Rock Against Reagan…. ON ACID -Buzz: Getting into punk through Creem Magazine -Buzz: Being the only David Bowie fan in your town -Dale: Buying records at SafeWay -Dale: First Punk show being the Melvins -Buzz: First Punk show TSOL -The iron curtain around Seattle -Seeing Spinal Tap and FUs/Accused -DOA: “They were NEVER nice to us.” -Being competitive with all your peers -Throbbing Gristle -The Butthole Surfers as feel good pop band -No one liking Melvins -Touring with RKL -Beyond Possession -“Whatever you are in to CANNOT be right” -Shell Shock: Bonding over KISS -Gluey Porch Treatments as reaction to seeing the state of American Hardcore -Dabs: A way to straighten Buzz’s hair. -Mom’s getting high -Meeting Scott from Neurosis in 1985 -The mystery of Alchemy (records) -The kindred spirit of Chris Slap-A-Ham Dodge -Ozma is when it changed -Not jiving with the Gilman philosophically -“Let’s Take The Scenic Route Home!”: The Melvins move to San Francisco -And tons more!!!!!!!