Grill Team Podcast #1228

Jul 16, 2015, 01:10 AM

6:04am – Show Opener (Luke Jacobz loses license from drink driving… how early do you get on it?) 6:11am – Papa New Guinea Origin ban 6:20am – Sports All In 6:37am – Pagey’s couch was rejected by the Salvos 6:49am – Calls: when have beggar’s been choosers? 7:05am – TAB segment with Jaimee Rogers 7:11am – Rambo vs ISIS 7:24am – Gordon Bray (Wallabies v Springboks this weekend) 7:40am – Scottish ginger teen refused to fly 7:52am – Calls: when has your red hair held you back? (Or helped?!) 8:05am – Papa New Guinea Origin ban 8:14am –George Calombaris sends packed lunch to Maccas party 8:28am – Calls: when did you parents embarrass you? 8:42am – Kirk Pengilly 8:57am – Check The Tweets (Michelle Bridges and Commando having a baby; Mel Gibson in Sydney; Kirk Pengilly intro stuff up)