Grill Team Podcast #1229

Jul 16, 2015, 11:27 PM

6:05am – Show Opener (It’s snowing!) 6:11am – Calls: what’s happening on the roads out there 6:23am – Matty’s Animal News! 6:38am – Stan Grant (explains the Iran Nuclear deal) 6:54am – Sports All In 7:10am – Detective Vivain Thayer from Miami Police Department (re: Bernard Tomic arrest) 7:21am – MG’s daughter is overseas, he’s sweating! (‘Taken’ piss take) 7:33am – List of dangerous places for women to travel 7:53am – Daily Telegraph editor, John Lehmann 8:07am – Charles Miranda (MH17, one year on) 8:14am – What would you say to Tomic? (including REPLAY Detective Vivain Thayer) 8:28am – Joey Johns (Magnificent 7s of the NRL) 8:41am – Joey’s Footy Preview 8:53am – Tim Bailey and Uncorked