JustUs Podcast #6 - Don't Quote Us On This

Jul 15, 2015, 02:58 AM

Welcome to Episode 6 of the Just Us Podcast! This week we will be discussing some of the issues from the Tunisia Shooting and extremist behaviour. We discuss how we can try to approach these delicate topics as a society Comic-Con comes to Melbourne to bite Jules in the arse and how can Jurassic Park be construed as racist?

We aren't starting to lose our minds but did Jules see a UFO? Has our societies been mixing with ET's for civilizations?

Tim discusses and breaks down the Fractional Reserve Banking system and how our ludicrous economies affect us. Is it true that the KKK is rebooting and running training camps - you know that can't be good!

And to round it off in true style - If a pig rapes a woman, can she become pregnant? (Thats not a trick question unfortunately.)

As always shoot us an email: justuspod@gmail.com to get involved and have your say! We hope you enjoy this weeks episode!