18/07/2015 - Dead Set Legends Podcast

Jul 18, 2015, 04:06 AM
  1. Opener/Richards new political party
  2. When Rabs was a cop in Canberra he joined an illegal card syndicate
  3. Dogs vs Parra recap
  4. Callers: Chris Sandow
  5. Rabs Hour of power
  6. Scoreboard Update
  7. Mark Webber Interview
  8. Explosive found outside Brad Haddin’s House
  9. Jamal Idris Interview from the Rush Hour
  10. Matt Burke Interview
  11. The boys thoughts on Bernard Tomic
  12. Richard goes through Tomic’s wrap sheet of transgressions
  13. Brad Haddin bomb scare
  14. Rabs rips into Tony Squires about his attire
  15. Richard’s list of grievances