Grill Team Podcast #1230

Jul 20, 2015, 12:04 AM

6:04am – Show Opener (Mick Fanning survives shark attack) 6:12am – More on Mick Fanning 6:41am – MG: Struggle St follow up (audio) 6:55am – Forward sell chat with Ronnie Blakey (Mick Fanning’s mate/manager) 7:05am – Ronnie Blakey (Mick Fanning’s mate/manager) 7:14am – Graham Richardson (Bronwyn Bishop) 7:27am – NRL Recovery Session 7:43am – Gus: the world of dancesport! 7:56am – Matty: Queen’s Nazi salute 8:06am – REPLAY: Ronnie Blakey 8:16am – Phil Rudd (AC/DC piss take) 8:29am – Roosters CEO, Brian Canavan 8:45am – John Oliver, Reclaim Australia Founder 8:57am – Idiot shark couldn’t finish the job on Nick Fanning!