Past Life Regression & Life Between Lives - an Exploration

Jul 20, 2015, 02:38 PM

Have you ever wondered how to connect with friends or family who have passed over? How do past life regression and life between life sessions benefit people in their lives now? We will be discussing all areas of hypnotherapy and hypnoenergetics with one of Australia’s leading practitioners and teachers, Colleen Dooley. She is the co-founder and one of the lead instructors at the Institute of Energetic Transformation. Join Edwina Griffin on the Health and Happiness Show on UnTangled FM for this fascinating insight into human lives.

Colleen Dooley is a clinical hypnotherapist, practitioner of hypnoenergetics and a certified instructor with the international association of counsellors and hypnotherapists. Since graduating from the Australian College of Hypnotherapy in 2004, She has completed her Certificate in Past Life Regression with the Holistic Healing Centre New York , Life Between Lives Therapy with The Newton Institute, and a Certificate in Power Hypnosis through The Australian Academy of Hypnosis. Colleen also has a Diploma of Applied Clinical Hypnotherapy, and an Advanced Certificate in Applied Psychotherapy Practice through The Academy of Transformational Psychotherapy. She specialises in Chronic conditions, Transformational Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression and Life between Lives Spiritual Regression as well as working as a Training Assistant and Instructor for The Newton Institute. She is also a Reconnective Healing Facilitator, a graduate of the Magician's Way program and one of the Co-Creators of Hypnoenergetics. Connect with Colleen via her website:

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