Grill Team Podcast #1232

Jul 22, 2015, 03:18 AM

6:04am – Show Opener (Mick Fanning is still on the front page) 6:12am – Driverless cars (plus Clarke, Hammond & May Live ticket giveaway 6:22am – Jimmy Barnes doesn’t want Reclaim Australia to use his songs 6:39am – Gus vs Highway Patrol 7:05am – Is handsome audio producer Nick really a grub? (Real estate; no bond) 7:12am – Calls: rental horror stories 7:24am – New segment ‘In 50 Years’ Time’ (Matty asks what our relationship will be with the ocean in 50 years’ time) 7:36am – Calls: our relationship with the ocean 7:46am – Ashley Madison cheating website gets hacked 7:59am – Mick Molloy (Sharks; Mick Fanning) 8:11am – Aussie Sudanese Rapper ‘Bangs’ bagged on Jimmy Fallon 8:18am – ‘Bangs’ on the air 8:30am – Response to ‘Bangs’ (caller + tweets) 8:45am – Big moment on live TV (caller remembers Lindt Café siege) 8:57am – More on the rapper ‘Bangs’