Episode 37 - Michael Alago (NYC Music Legend, A&R, Talent Buyer)

Jul 22, 2015, 05:35 AM

To say an episode sums up the entire ethos of this show would be a bold claim, but this would be that episode. Get set as Damian sits down with Michael Alago; founder of the original Dead Boys' Fan Club, booker at the Ritz, and A & R guy (who signed Tracy Chapman, Metallica, and White Zombie). Listen in as we discuss parties with John Belushi, the power of the CroMags, needing to know what Rollins smelt like, and so much more!!!!

Other subjects hit upon: -Loving Soul Train and American Bandstand -Getting taking to The Last Night Od The Billion Dollar Babies Tour by Manny the Greek and never being the same. -Going to the Porn Theatres at 15 -Going to see the Dead Boys for the first time at CBGBs and starting their fan club with Jodie Rubella -Graduating highschool and hitting the road with the Dead Boys and Mumps -Going to see The Nuns and The Avengers fucked up with Don Vinyl from the Offs -Being friends with Tommy Gear from the Screamers -Joe Coleman and The Steel Tips and holding “junior” -Booking the Ritz -Security discovers mashing and is horrified -Doyle “Only You Can Call Me Angel” and the Misfits -The diversity of 70’s AM radio in NY -Columbia House: making suckers of kids for years. -The friendship of Patti Smith -The Stimulators and meeting Patrick -Harley Flanagan -Hardcore: a young gay man’s paradise -Photographing Jayne County for the Blatantly Offensive EP -Getting Karen Finley yams for… -Kissing Nazi Dog from the Viletones -John Belushi -New York After Hours: Clubs in the 80’s -Signing Shrapnel (pre-Monster Magnet) “I Heard “Kill’ Em All” and I lost my mind.” Courting and signing Metallica -Danny Fields and Elektra Records -“We had to know what Henry smelt like!” -White Zombie and Beavis and Butt-head -Working with Chris Jericho -Working with Cindy Lauper from Blue Angel to helping her put together her Blues record -The Shirts and Orange Is The New Black -Booking the PiL Riot -Working with John Lydon -Alan Vega and Nina Simone