Grill Team Podcast #1234

Jul 23, 2015, 11:22 PM

6:05am – Show Opener (RnT Friday! Gangsta rap name generator) 6:12am – Clarkson, Hammond & May Live tickets 6:21am – Calls: rules and tips for hitchhiking 6:44am – Tiffany Hall 6:57am – CHECK THE TWEETS (NT News letter to the editor; Tom Cruise to get married for a fourth time) 7:10am – RnT Friday! (Gangsta lingo quiz) 7:17am – UK correspondent, Peter Anderson (London extremism charge) 7:30am – Sports All In 7:46am – John Lehmann, Daily Tele editor 7:59am – John Lehmann, part two 8:18am – Kate McClymont from the SMH (salary cap story) 8:32am – Joey Johns 8:46am – Joey’s Footy Preview 8:58am – Gussy/”Big Bangs” freestyle rap challenge… Uncorked