Grill Team Podcast #1236

Jul 27, 2015, 11:46 PM

6:05am – Show Opener (Randomiser) 6:11am – Tom Steinfort, Ch9’s European Correspondent (“Lord Coke”) 6:24am – Kim, anti-refugee campaigner (SBS Go Back To Where You Came From) 6:41am – Matty: Ron Jeremy plays piano with his penis 6:56am – Adam Goodes racism debate (caller) 7:09am – Billie, MasterChef winner 7:17am – Matty: Frank Spencer impersonator overtakes police radio 7:24am – Kathy Chapman (mother of Jesse, 17 year old who was bashed in a road rage incident) 7:38am – Adams Goodes callers (is the booing racist?) 8:01am – Supergrass (Junior Rugby League, Celebrity Apprentice, The Voice) 8:07am – Sports All In 8:18am – In 50 Years’ Time… Australian Stereotypes 8:30am – Peter Ford, entertainment reporter (Maggie Fitzpatrick, Bill Cosby victims on magazine cover) 8:40am – Ben Senes, Pawn Stars Australia 8:48am – Matty’s facts (single Chinese women, champagne corks, sheared sheep don’t recognise each other, Japanese charity breast squeeze)