Grill Team Podcast #1237

Jul 29, 2015, 12:02 AM

6:04am – Show Opener (Geoff Toovey gone) 6:13am – Do you have a ‘spot’? 6:26am – Callers 6:42am – Sports All In 6:55am – Worst Ads (Shane Warne’s ‘Holler for a Marshall’, Joey Johns football, MG’s Advanced Hair) 7:08am – Eddie McGuire and Mick Molloy (Adam Goodes discussion) 7:21am – Matty’s daily facts to make us smarter 7:36am – Geoff Toovey chat (“Memories” montage) 7:46am – Disappointing tourist attractions (Tourists hate Grand Canyon) 7:55am – Calls 8:08am – Mike Amor (Channel 7’s US correspondent; Florida bombing) 8:17am – In 50 Years’ Time… where will Islamic State be? 8:27am – Gorden Tallis (Adam Goodes) 8:41am – Stephen Hawking on killer robots 8:50am – CHECK THE TWEETS (WikiFeet rates celebrities feet; Christina Applegate turned down Legally Blonde)