Episode 38 - Mish Way (White Lung)

Jul 29, 2015, 04:40 AM

This week on the show Damian is joined by one of the most dynamic front people in music today; White Lung’s Mish Way. Listen in as the two talk about Mish’s journey from finding the lone feminist punker in high school, to being a writer/lead singer touring the world… and the trolls that that come with the trip.

Also covered:

-Damian copying Nardwaur on everything including the mispronouncing Mish’s name

-Fear of reading in public

-Meeting the one cool feminist punk girl in high school

-Meeting a kindred musical spirit Ann Marie


-Being married by Steve McBean

-Redlight Sting

-Raised By Wolves and being inspired to play pregnant

-Riff Randles

-The shameless love of Oasis

-The trials of boarder crossing as a band

-Josiah Hughes : og “Vancouver weird punk” identifier

-The Emergency Room scene

-The many memories of White Lung and Fucked Up’s first show together in 2008

-Japandroids: weird punk adjacent

-The insanity of early tour life

-Toby Vail and Bob Mould and hope for not becoming jaded

-Trolls and how to deal with them

-The love/ hate relationship with social media.

-The stampede threesome

-Getting famous for doing nothing

-This record could come out and I’m done

-SXSW: Industry sampler platter

-Lead singers LOVE shorter sets

-Signing to Domino

-Zines: the pluses and minus of doing one

-Jesse Gander and dbs

-Recording a new record

-The Canadian blackmarket Trader Joe

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