9. Relieving Pain: TENS and acupuncture

Apr 28, 2011, 12:39 AM

How acupuncture and TENS can help relieve pain, plus, a new web service aiming to educate health professionals about pain.

First broadcast 18.01.11

We take a look at the role of the pain specialist nurse in the community, eavesdropping on two consultations given by Kathryn Nur at her nurse-led clinic at Tenby Cottage Hospital, Pembrokeshire. We hear how Kath helps her patients, learning about what TENS machines are, how to use them and how they can help those in pain, how acupuncture can also help, and the importance of listening to what the patient has to say.

On the contentious issue of how little training medical students receive on pain matters – fewer hours than vets – Ann Taylor from the faculty of pain medicine at Cardiff University talks about a web service that may go some way towards redressing the imbalance.

In this programme:

  • Kathryn Nur, pain specialist nurse for Hywel Dda Health Board in West Wales

  • Ann Taylor: Faculty of Pain Medicine, Cardiff University.

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