13. Culture, Epidemiology and Back Pain

Apr 28, 2011, 01:02 AM

How culture can affect our experience of pain, a survey of pain in Scotland, pain management programmes and a Q&A session on back pain.

First broadcast 15.03.11

How do culture and religion affect the way we experience and manage our pain? Dr Shilpa Patel, Dr Sue Peacock and Sir Michael Bond talk about the relationship between cultural background and pain.

Also in the programme: Dr Steve Gilbert answers questions from people experiencing back pain; Phil Sizer of Pain Association Scotland provides advice on pain management programmes; and we learn about the epidemiology of pain and hear from Generation Scotland about how their study of pain in the Scottish population can help with the identification of risk factors.

In this programme:

  • Prof Blair Smith- Generation Scotland

  • Prof Sir Michael Bond – Pain management in developing countries

  • Dr Steve Gilbert – Q+As on back pain

  • Phil Sizer – Pain Association Scotland

  • Dr Shilpa Patel – Cultures and pain

  • Dr Sue Peacock – Cultures, gender and pain

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