AFP Show #13: Show 13, Lucky For Everyone

Jul 31, 2015, 08:33 AM

It's the show before the show! The last podcast before we go to the Edinburgh Festival....Fringe. Hosts Steve Best and Simon Minty talk comedy and performing with actor Caro Sparks and comedian and TV producer (Big Brother, I'm A Celebrity) Jo Coffey.

Jo tells us about her return to stand up and a recent moment when she was called something rather strange by a small child, and for the life of her doesn't know why. Caro tells us about the perils of live subtitling Kanye West and we ask, “Do you get a super sense when you lose another, like Daredevil?”

Shannon Murray calls from LA with some troublesome news and has found another use for her wheelchair. Plus lots of Edinburgh Festival chat which is where we are all heading soon.