#bristolcity v #brentfordfc Pre Match Podcast

Aug 12, 2015, 11:41 PM

#brentfordfc head down to Ashton Gate on Saturday to take on newly promoted #bristolcity after a fun-filled week on and off the pitch... this week's podcast is a pretty lively encounter which covers the Ipswich fightback... Pitch-gate, Booing Tabooing, Harlee Dean and Social Media and Billy The Bee's defection... plus we talk to the editor of The Bristol City Blog "The Exiled Robin" Paul Binning .

PODCAST TIMINGS . Intros 00:00 - 03:10 . Ipswich and Oxford fallout 03:10 - 17:00 . Pitch-Gate - The continuing saga of Brentford's unplayable pitch 17:00 - 32:20 . Andre Gray’s on-off-off-on Transfer Rumours and Players on Social Media
32:22 . Is It Taboo To Boo? 46:55 - 51:35 . Lewis McLoud record breaking attempt 51:35 - 53:20 . Billy Grant interview with Paul Binning from Bristol City Blog "The Exiled Robin" before the match on Saturday 53:20 - 1:08:00 . Beesotted thoughts on the Bristol City match and predictions 1:08:00 - end