09 - The OKStupid Show with Amanda Sitko and Eli Newell

Aug 25, 2015, 02:02 PM

Kirsten missed the live OKStupid Show at UCBLA theatre (probably because she was on a date with an LA jerkface who never texted back). Lucky for you, the show’s creators - Eli Newell and Amanda Sitko - join her on the couch at her Airbnb for this laff-a-minute gab about fucking online. The two babin’ improvisers and Kirsten discuss the differences between Australian OKC and US OKC (hint: LA is brutal) and Amanda reveals that she is Swipe Night's first ever engaged guest! That's right - she's FIANCE'D to someone she met on the interwebs! See people - it DOES work!

Eli's Twitter: @elinewell Amanda's Twitter: @AmandaSitko UCBLA Twitter: @ucbtla UCBLA website: https://franklin.ucbtheatre.com/

Other hot topix of discussion include:

-Kirsten’s terrible American accent -weird/aggressive/creepy/competitive DUDE ENERGY -lying on OKC -fostering an ‘online-dating positive’ community: everyone gets laid! -crunchy Portland daters -female-owned specialty sex shops and vibrator salesMEN: ‘This one’s really intense on the labia!' -the perils of giant dildos -finding a strap-on in your friends’ bedroom -hiding lube from your boss’s children -sea anemone or fleshlight? -Farmers Only, J-Date and H-Mates -Hinge and the Great American Tinder Exodus -Thrinder -trans troubles on OKC -sexual diversity on the OKStupid Show -The OKStupid hero’s journey -negging live on stage! -post-show audience hook-ups -when to write ‘ur cute’ to a potential lover online (clue: never) -copy-paste messaging - NO! -how Kirsten gave her LA number to too many LA weirdos and paid for it -Paul Rudd and Ken Marino reverse ageing -real people live in LA too! -Botox regret

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