Episode 42 - Fat Mike ( NoFX , Fat Wreck Chords)

Aug 26, 2015, 05:07 AM

Well dear listeners, the demands were heard and this week on the show Damian is joined by lead singer/bass player of NoFX and Fat Wreck Chords' co-owner, Fat Mike Burkett. Sit down and listen as the two discuss how the man who claims his job is to keep punk elite found the genre that provided the vocation... and how Damian has no taste.

Also on the show: -Drug talk -Backstage Passport 2 talk -Camp Councilor Joe Escalante -Jack Grisham: a frightening human -Taping the sound of Rocky Horror Picture Show off TV -Don’t dream it, do it: S and M -Crossing borders with cock-rings on -Going to see Killing Joke at the Whiskey over seeing a movie -Canadian Subhumans vs. British Subhumans -The Dickies -Youth Brigade -The first time seeing Bad Religion -Damian having no taste in music -Going to Rhino Records -First record Agnostic Front 7” -Regretting selling the Anidote 7” -Pre- NoFX: False Alarm -Don Boles producing the first NoFX for gas money -Most improved self-taught band -Covering Impact Unit and the FUs -NoFX: hardcore -Hating the term pop-punk -Mike on the Melvins (it upsets Damian) -Everything changes after Nirvana -Wanting to release America’s Hardcore on Fat -The violence of LA punk -SO MANY dead friends. -Fat Mike goes to Italy as a teenager and sees I Refuse It! -The importance of Maximum Rock and Roll -The tour with the other lead singer of NoFX -Wassail Records -“I like ‘Ride The Lighting’ ok” -Not being liked at all anywhere -RKL: The most fucked greatest band -The Neos -The Decline as masterwork and so much more!!!