Busting the Entrepreneurial Myth - the 'Grow with Purpose' Podcast Prelaunch

Sep 01, 2015, 12:54 PM

All #entrepreneurs are not created equal. All entrepreneurs do have their own natural aptitudes and talents. During this interview, you will discover how entrepreneurs are destroying their own businesses by making classic mistakes that we are certainly not taught about in school, college or university; how to get into #flow and be a magnet to profitable opportunities; how getting onto your path of least resistance in business will exponentially increase your profits; how and where to find the most trusted contacts so you can realise your entrepreneurial dream.

You'll be hearing from the Creator of UnTangled FM, Harun Rabbani, and his guest who is one of the UK's leading entrepreneurial talent experts, Michelle Clarke of the www.entrepreneursinstitute.com. She shares some powerful pearls of wisdom and strategies to help you grow your business. Furthermore, she makes a mind-blowing offer for entrepreneurs for UnTangled FM listeners for a forthcoming entrepreneur's gathering in London. Make sure you listen to the end. #entrepreneur #passiontoprofits #passion #business #businessgrowth #wealthcreation #wealthdynamics #wealth