Episode 43 - Scott Kelly (Neurosis)

Sep 02, 2015, 02:13 PM

To say this is a big one for Damian would be an understatement…This week on the show, dear listener, is aggressive music legend Scott Kelly from Neurosis! Listen in as Damian talks to Scott about how he found punk and would wind up influencing just about every hardcore musician they dared to dream beyond the loud, fast, rules doctrine.

Also discussed -Kiss and Nugent but faster and without the guitar leads -A mixtape that would changed the face of modern aggressive music (Damian’s Words) -December 7 and 8 are terrible tragic days in the history of music. -Battalion Of Saints Amazing from beginning till today! -Living at the New Method -The San Diego Skins: a different kind of beast -Giving Morbid Tales and getting Arise: the cultural exchange of new roommates -Loving Joy Division -Take acid and watching Live and Pompey -Paying everyone back for the blown amps -Killing the draw by adding keyboards… and being happy to do so -The sonic-open-minded nature of Metal -Enemy Of The Sun documentary -The amazing Alchemy Records roster -Vinyl Solution Records: Stand-up label -Neurosis signs to Lookout Records -Operation Ivy’s Jesse Michael’s Neurosis art -30 Years of Neurosis -Rediscovering a your band through music in a store -Why is Europe quicker to catch on to Heavy music? -The musical freedom of the Bay Area -Lighting farts -Damian trying to keep up in some jock talk (poorly) -The CFL/ Scott Kelly Connection -Going to see TSOL and the violence that brought… on to themselves. -Barry from Necros -The Misfits and ProWrestling -Early Neurosis Tour: Gigs with Green Day and NoFX -Christ On Parade: a brother band -Pre-Buzzoven kinship -Nausea -Eyehategod