Episode 44 - Brian Walsby (Ten Foot Pole, Superchunk, Ryan Adam, The Melvins, more)

Sep 09, 2015, 07:59 PM

At risk of over stating it, Brian Walsby is the Rosette Stone of indie/ alternative music. It is through him that we are given greater understanding of how the various seemingly disconnected scenes are interconnected. Today on the show, Damian discuss with Brian the various bands he has been involved in as a drummer and links between Ten Foot Pole, Superchunk, Ryan Adam, The Melvins, and COC emerge.

Also discussed: - Friendships - Not being interviewed much - Starting to draw at 3 year olds - KISS is the gateway for a generation rock fans - Punk as Comedy rock - Dr Demento as gateway to punk - Resenting Martin Short for “firing Rick Moranis from SCTV” -Seeing the Kids in the Hall - Using kids as a “get out of fun stuff” excuse - The weekend of It Came from Slimey Valley Comp references - The staples of the Melvins’ sense of humor - Only listing to the first side of Damage for a week because you can’t get over the awesomeness - Writing letters a year before going to shows - Meeting Scott Radinsky at the Country Club - The punk approach to illustration - Getting asked to be in Scared Straight - Mystic Records and partying Doug Moody - Future MLB player Scott Radinsky’s double life - Singing one show for Scared Straight - Not understanding peoples love of the Mystic sound -Having someone else ink the Nardcore Comp cover -The legacy of punk letter writing network - The disastrous Ill Repute and Scared Straight Tour - Get in the Pick Up Truck - The amazingness of No Labels - Becoming friends with COC - Going to one of the first crossover shows - The first B’Last record - Gratitude for the Melvins - Honor Role’s Spiderland - There is no Nirvana without the Melvins - Passing on Nirvana - The Slushpuppies - Forming the pre-Superchunk Wwax - “That Pumpkin 7” changed my life!” meeting and forming Patty Duke Syndrome with Ryan Adams -Reacting to the Epitaph/ Fat sounds that some friends fell into. - Propagandhi is the Voivod of the - Jiving With J about the Neos and more??????